How it works



Register on with your E-mail.

Look for a boat among the ads

Insert the city in the search bar in the homepage. The system will give you the search results for that city.

Optionally click “search” at the top of the screen and select the filters according to your need.

If you'd like to, you can arrange the results according to price, year of building and the last ones inserted.

How can I book a boat?

Select inside an ad the dates you are interested in, click on the button “Book now” (you can find the button on the right corner of the screen within each ad). The shipowner can offer the opportunity to make an “Instant booking” or a “Booking to confirm.”

Instant Booking

The shipowner allows you to immediately book the boat (in this case you find the option “Instant Booking”)

Booking to confirm

As soon as you will send your booking request, the shipowner will answer within 24 hours to confirm your booking, if you won't receive an answer within 24 hours, you should contact the customer service, which will provide to make your request approved as soon as possible. If the booking will be confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will warn you about the acceptance, and you should login to your area where you will find a summary of your booking, with the deposit to pay immediately to AtBoat with credit card and the amount to pay to the shipowner when the rental will begin.

How do I pay for my rental

You can make the payment of a booking deposit with credit card through Stripe.
Once you've sent a deposit which is 7,0% of the rental amount, your booking is confirmed. You will pay the remainder directly to the shipowner. You can pay it the day of the rental beginning (recommended) or pay an advance with bank transfer, but you should keep in mind that AtBoat doesn't have the resources to attend in case of contention.

Enjoy the Sea

Explore! For a day or for a week, enjoy your holiday! Don't forget to talk about your experience in your AtBoat's area, in the booking section.

End your Holiday

At your journey's end, begin to dream about a new holiday.


Add your Boat

Click Add Boat at the top right corner, if you aren't recorded yet, the system will ask you to do it.
Create a title for your ad and don't be afraid to be fanciful, describe your boat (remember: a detailed description has more chances to be chosen), click “save” and continue to complete your ad.

Answer to the booking requests

There are two possible ways to accept the booking:

Booking to confirm:
When you receive a booking request you should accept it within 24 hours. If you won't answer within the limitation period, we shall get in touch with you to tell you.
Remember to update prices and availability on your calendar.

Instant Booking:
If you keep your calendar updated , with prices and availability, you can allow the instant booking, thus you will offer a more accessible service.

What comes next

After the acceptance of the booking, reach agreement with the customer about the payment method ( remember that 7,0% is retained by AtBoat as commission ), and the services he wants to include in the booking, for example,transfer from and to the airport, babysitting, additional crew etc.

When it's time to return the boat remind the customer of reviewing his holiday or experience, in order to be better considered from your next customers.