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Do you have a travel agency or a tour operator?
Contact us to extend the range of holidays you can offer to your customers.

AtBoat is the business solution dedicated to the sector operators and we firmly believe in the importance of the service offered.

Tour operators and travel agencies through, can offer their customers a selection of the best trips by boat on the market, within your private area you can ask for reservations, or enter your bids.
AtBoat is present on the entire territory of Italy and we are expanding rapidly abroad. We are a young team, growing and evolving rapidly. We think big and we know we can offer concrete support to our employees and our customers.

We are constantly seeking capable staff that can create value within our distribution network.

To strengthen the existing sales network, we are looking for travel agencies and tour operators with good organizational skills and a keen sensitivity in helping the customer in understanding, choosing and booking holidays.

    What we offer:
  • Booking directly on-line;
  • A large selection of boats and listings;
  • Great pricing/products value;
  • Adequate support during the start-up;
  • Free national call-center;
  • Fast outcome of the reservation;
  • Possibility to use the "AtBoat" trademark;
  • Full operational autonomy (Reservation, Income/Cash, Invoicing, etc..);
  • Possibility of exclusive zone;
  • Possibility of managing sub-agents;
If you believe you are the right person for us and we the right company for you, work with us.