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Boat with maximum comfort for a crew of 2, 3 or 4 families Amieira, Portugal



Motorization (cv)

Max. speed (knots)


Length10 (m)


Nr. booths4

Nr. bathrooms3

Max. guest on board9


hot waterpets allowedchildren allowedtowelssound systemsheetssmoking allowedsocketsfridgecatwalkbathroom




This concept of river cruise allows the customer not being dependent on schedules or other constraints, being in charge of his destiny, drive his boat house to where and when he wants, always in perfect safety. The customer chooses the Houseboat that best fits the characteristics of his group, studying a route along the Great Lake Alqueva that best fits the time he will have to carry his river cruise. In hisriver cruise by the Great Lake Alqueva he can enjoy the beautiful landscape around the lake and the cultural heritage of the riverside villages. He can visit the newest village of Portugal - the relocated Luz Village with its recent architecture and the Museum of Luz Village awarded with multiple national and international awards. You can also visit other small white villages, typical and friendly people or fortified villages like Mourão, Juromenha and Monsaraz with all its built heritage, the last of them classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the characteristic of the local cuisine and crafts where we highlight the tapestry and pottery, are something that you can contact with in case of docking in several riverside villages. Eachvillage has a pier to dock the vessels safely of the River Cruises. From the piers to the villages some of them further (…2km) others right there (…50m), you can walk, Bicycles that are transported on the boat, or transfers provided by local restaurants. Besides the bikes, you can tow to your Houseboat Canoes and Kayaks, which in addition to providing a healthy exercise will allow you to reach the most remote sites where you can easily do bird watching or just fishing. We also referthe multiple restaurants around the lake, but obviously on board of your Houseboat you will be fully able to cook your best snacks, or you may prefer surrender to the delights of Panoramic Restaurant, which in a Take Away service puts on board of your river cruise a long list of its Menu and all the drinks you want. For your river cruise takes place in complete security, the Houseboats are equipped with GPS, sonar, and a mobile phone so that you can contact us. Further, the speed of the vessels is limited to 10 km/h which makes it extremely safe to navigate with. Previous to the beginning of the river cruise it will be given a training by our staff of approximately 2 hours which will make completely able to maneuver our Houseboats. You canproceed with your booking by contacting us or making the reservation through our booking procedures online at our website. Within the options, you can even make the payment of an insurance that will guarantee your river cruise tailored to what you want. Amieira Marinabesides starting point for River Cruises is a leisure area where you can enjoy the Panoramic Restaurant, the Bar Cafeteria, performing cruises of 30 min to 120 min, enjoy nautical activities like skiing, Wakebord and Towing float and the Banana and dinghy sailing. You can also schedule a whole of Outdoor activities like Horse Riding or Carriage, Pottery and Weaving Workshops, Megalithic Tours, Wine and Oils Tastings, Bullfight Livestock Visits, Balloon Tours or Moto 4 . The activities can beperformed from Amieira Marina, or from another point in the Great Lake Alqueva, alone or integrating your river cruise. Try it and have an unforgettable experience!